Broader Impacts

Higher Education and Professional Development

One of the missions of our Center is the QIS community building, starting from education of undergraduate and graduate students at the intersection disciplines where QIS resides, to organizing symposia and workshops to bring together professionals from the respective disciples for the QIS advancement.

CIQC/AMAQIS 2024 Winter School

Quantum Information Science for Chemistry

We are pleased to present the Winter School in Quantum Information Science. This year’s school will provide both in-depth primers and surveys of current areas of active research in atomic, molecular, and materials systems for quantum information science applications, as well as quantum algorithms alongside methods of “usual” quantum chemistry.  Topics to be included in this winter school include :

  • Introduction to Quantum Information
  • Classical Quantum Chemistry and QIS applications
  • Optical Cycling Centers and Precision Measurement
  • Quantum Algorithms for Chemistry
  • Molecular qubits

The school is aimed at early career participants, including graduate students, experimentalists, computational scientists, and theorists working in quantum information science and related disciplines. We aim to convene a multidisciplinary group of students and researchers who will disseminate and accelerate developments in the field, and to draw on their own research to help inspire new approaches and application domains. Applications are now being accepted. Financial support will be offered to young researchers subject to demonstrated need and availability. Learn More

Symposium: Quantum Molecular Science – APS March 2025 meeting

Organizers: Anastassia Alexandrova and Tyrel McQueen

Symposium: QIS for Chemistry and Chemistry for QIS – ACS Spring 2025 meeting

Organizers: Justin Caram and Benjamin Augenbraun

Symposium: QIS session at the International Conference on chemical Bonding – July, 2023

Organizer: Anastassia Alexandrova


  • Eric Hudson (UCLA)
  • Danna Freedman (MIT)
  • Nicholas Hutzler (Caltech)
  • Anastassia Alexandrova (UCLA)
  • Svetlana Kotochigova (Temple)
  • Eite Tiesinga (UMD)

Learn More

Our Student Association: Computational Chemistry Club (C3) at UCLA

Founder and President: Tim Duong

Co-founders: Barry Li (Caram Group), Tucker Allen (Neuhauser Group), and Justin Purnomo (Neuhauser Group)

Faculty Advisors: Prof. Anastassia Alexandrova, Prof. Justin Caram, Prof. Anna Krylov (USC), and Prof. Daniel Neuhauser

In the ever-evolving realm of chemistry education and research, the need for a bridge between foundational knowledge and advanced theoretical concepts has become increasingly evident. C3 seeks to address this need by bringing together students passionate about chemistry and eager to delve into the complexities of theoretical and computational chemistry.

General Goals

  • Build bridges between general chemistry and advanced topics in chemistry.
  • Support theoretical and computational chemistry research for undergraduates.
  • Explore physical chemistry modeling techniques to broaden the horizon of undergraduates.

Forthcoming: Newly developed POGIL worksheets for General Chemistry

Designers: Justin Caram and the board of C3

Our POGIL worksheets will introduce concepts related to laser cooling and molecular orbital theory at the General Chemistry level.


  • The center filed one Invention Disclosure. Planning another.
  • The center works in close partnership with QIS industries, toward serving their needs for workforce development and technological advances. Internships for chemistry students are arranged with these industrial partners
  • UCLA-based Quantum Hub will serve as a platform for building close ties with industry, cross-disciplinary training, and employment opportunities.

Broadening Participation

The center opened a recruitment program targeting undergraduate UCLA and Community College transfer students. The students are selected on the competitive basis, and offered a paid summer research opportunity in the center labs. We partner with the UCLA Academic Advancement Program (AAP) office, to advertise research in chemistry, and in the center to the students and invite applications.

The Cohort of 2023:

Mia Calvillo
Lia Coffey
Shota Nozaki
Steven Diaz

Forthcoming: Research Days in the center, open broadly to UCLA undergraduate students

Organizers: Graduate students of the center and the board of C3

Informal Science Communication

CCI continuously contributes educational booths to the annual UCLA event, Exploring Your Universe (EYU)!

Nov. 5, 2023 | Leader: Yongjia He (CCI, Caram Group, and QCSA) Gallery

Nov. 6, 2022 | Leaders: William Laderer (CCI, Alexandrova Group, and QCSA) and Richard Liu (Caram Group) View More

Selected Topics

  • Electron Transitions
  • Build Your Own Quantum Computer
  • How Can We Use Probability to Solve Our Problems
  • Wave Characteristics of Sound
  • Phosphorescence
  • Interference
  • Chemiluminescence

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