The Team

This project requires computation for predictions of new molecular species hosting quantum functionalities (PI, Anastassia Alexandrova, UCLA), new theoretical methods to enable some of the predictions (Anna Krylov, USC), synthesis to make the predicted molecules (Miguel Garcia-Garibay, UCLA), spectroscopy to test them (Justin Caram, UCLA), and QIS experts to tailor to desired applications and provide authentic assessment of resulting functionality (Eric Hudson, UCLA).

Project Collaborators

External Evaluators

Postdocs and Graduate Students

Claire Dickerson
Cecilia Cheng
Will Laderer
Guozhu Zhu
Guanming Lao
Changling Zhao
Yi Shen
Ashley Shin
Barry (Yangtao) Li
Yongjia He
Taras Hvorost
Pawel Wojcik
Jaeeun Lee
Xinang Yang

Undergraduate Students

Lianne Alson
Mia Calvillo
Lia Coffey 
Steven Diaz
Hannah Liu 
Shota Nozaki 

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